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 A wilderness therapy/coaching programme
on the West Coast of Scotland

for staff teams & individuals.

Restoring & Nourishing Wellbeing, Building Resilience, Finding Solutions

Combining Greg Barton's and Andy Ashworth's extensive experience in adventure travel and personal and social development work, the Be@One programme pivots around the Snowline core themes of Wellbeing, Meaning, Adventure and Philanthropy


This is a profoundly invigorating and restorative personal journey, designed to enable individuals and staff teams to take stock, recharge and find inner balance, whilst also creating an opportunity to explore and define solutions to some of today’s toughest social challenges. 

The maximum group size is 6. Participants will be met at Edinburgh airport or train station and from there travel by Landrover to a remote and stunning West Coast location. Be@One is a 3-phase programme beginning with preparation at home, followed by the wilderness experience and a follow-up phase at home with one on one support by Greg and Andy.


Be@One journeys are bespoke and tailored to the specific needs of our clients and include transformational one on one coaching/therapy sessions, group work as well as solo nature experiences and an optional introduction to meditation and yoga.


Designed to bring the unconscious aspects of your mental formations to the fore, Be@One restores and nourishes the emotional/mental balance & wellbeing and builds resilience for the future.


Sleeping under canvas, exploring and immersing themselves in a pristine natural environment, reflecting and storytelling around a campfire and practising mindfulness, participants will make a deeper connection with nature, with themselves and each other, and return home invigorated and with a greater sense of clarity and purpose.


“Nature is a powerful vehicle for personal development, healing and growth. Moving beyond Covid this programme is an opportunity for people to reflect, rebalance and build resilience for the future.”

Greg Barton



Be@One. Join us.

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