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With our compass set to meaning, adventure & philanthropy our approach is as unique & exciting as the positive development we initiate in people, organisations & society.

Get in touch to find out how Snowline can help you or your organisation to grow & develop and create & maximise philanthropic impact.


Cofounder of Snowline 

Andy's career in the charity and international development sector spans over 25 years. He specialises and has significant expertise in the design and operational delivery of personal and organisational effectiveness programmes and has successfully designed, implemented and overseen a range of extremely complex programmes in the UK, Malawi and Nepal. This has included programmes focused on trafficking in persons, child justice, and the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners with a particular focus on children in prisons. Andy has developed a unique training methodology for personal development programmes and has trained people in this methodology all over the world. His passion for social justice and expertise in ensuring high quality and consistent programme design and delivery over several decades has helped to transform the lives of thousands of people.


Andy is certified in Reality Therapy and specialises in cognitive behavioural work in wild and remote places. He has worked in diverse areas such as Europe, South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, UK (mostly Scotland), Greenland, and Canada. Andy has led or taken part in walking, mountaineering, canoeing, sea- & wild water kayaking, expeditions, and has also travelled extensively in remote places on bicycle, motorcycle and horseback. 

Andy has lived and worked in Nepal and Malawi for nearly a decade. His rich first-hand experience, in-depth knowledge, international reputation and professional network is a powerful source of knowledge which he is keen to share through the Snowline consultancy.

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Kate has over 25 years’ experience working within HM Prisons estates including founding a pro-social prison wing based around a constructive daily routine in HMP Brixton. Kate is an in-house teacher for Offending Behavior Programmes and Suicide Awareness. She has numerous awards for her work including HRH Princess Anne’s Butler Trust Award for offender resettlement and the SHELL South London Our Heroes award for her work around rehabilitation and support.


Kate is a Member of the Institute of Fundraising and is currently Programme Manager for DIVERT, a metropolitan police diversion project. Together with this, she consults on fundraising and development which includes charity set up, governance, recruitment, change management, volunteer management, mediation and staff development with several Trusts and Charities and is Co-Founder of The Clink restaurants. 


Kate sits on many charity and advisory boards and is passionate about giving people a second chance.



Founder of Snowline 

Greg's experience within the charity sector spans more than four decades. He has founded several successful UK and International charities and is an accomplished Chief Executive. Greg has vast experience in all areas of charitable work - from one-to-one counselling and supervision, programme development, securing funding from both private and public sources and attracting high profile patrons and supporters. He has raised over 36 million pounds in funding for charities. Greg's passion and wealth of experience have had a profound impact on the charities he has been involved with, including maximising their operational functioning for achieving outcomes, infusing their ethos with new inspiration and expanding their charitable impact and reach. 


Greg is a trained counsellor, outdoor education specialist and leader of numerous international expeditions in wild environments, including the first crossing of the Bering Strait, between Alaska and Siberia by sea kayak, summitting the Matterhorn. He has led or taken part in White Water Kayaking expeditions in the Alps along with expeditions in Australia, New Zealand, Sikkim and Greenland.

With a passion for Sea Kayaking and for overland expeditions, he is currently planning to kayak the length of Lake Baikal in the heart of Siberia.

Greg organised and led a series of 3-week journeys to Nepal, Mustang and the Tibetan Border for people over the age of 50 designed to inspire and motivate people thinking about retirement to become philanthropists and how to find new meaning and purpose, post-retirement.

After having lived and run international NGO’s in Asia, Africa and the UK Greg is currently based in Edinburgh.


Greg's expertise, in-depth knowledge, outstanding reputation, professional network and partnerships are a powerful resource which he is keen to share through the Snowline consultancy.



Former director of Impact & Innovation at the HuffPost and a member of the senior leadership team. Former executive editor of the Guardian and chairman and editorial director of the Guardian Sustainable Business website. Jo has developed long-term editorial projects that focus on social, environmental and economic justice. Jo is currently based near Plum Village in the Ardèche in France and offers personalised therapeutic residential experiences.


Our consultants are experts in challenging terrain.
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