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Your adventure starts here.

Journeys of Self-discovery -

inspiring, restorative, therapeutic & transformational

In today's world, it can be difficult to hold on to a sense of self and to find meaning and direction. Snowline Journeys are designed to enable individuals to take a break from the stresses and challenges of our modern lives and to 'recharge their batteries' on a deep level, and offer time and space to take stock & reflect.

Snowline Journeys address and prevent burnout/the depletion of inner resources and help participants to develop a sustainable balance between the often opposing forces of their professional and personal lives. Snowline Journeys support people who are going through a major life transition such as redundancy, retirement or divorce, enabling them to find new direction and meaning.  

We offer journeys for 1-2 people, small groups of 4-6, or larger group journeys for a maximum of 12 participants.

Connecting with nature reconnects us with the essence of who we are and helps us to restore mental & emotional balance, develop clarity and a new vision and plan for our future. By leaving behind the comforts, routines, habits and stresses that shape our daily routines, Snowline Journeys quite literally take you outside of your comfort zone and into an exciting yet safe space where powerful learning takes place. Guided by our highly qualified, experienced and passionate team, you will receive support in one-to-one and/or group sessions.


Snowline Journeys are adventures of the body, mind and soul; deeply restorative they help you to regain your zest for life.

'To travel is to take a journey into your own Self.'

please note: due to COVID 19 journeys to Nepal are currently halted. Wilderness Journeys in Scotland continue to go ahead and observe the government's guidelines on hygiene and social distancing.

We take you to some of the most breathtaking places on earth.

The wealth of stunning sights and the deep immersion in truly extraordinary wilderness environments nourish and deeply invigorate individuals on a fundamental level.

Your Snowline Journey to Nepal changes someone else's life.

Each Snowline Journey to Nepal funds a scholarship for the educational or vocational training of a young person in Nepal, leveraging them out of poverty and social stigma.

Join the Snowline Fellowship Network

Beyond participation in a Snowline Journey, we offer you a route into engaged 

philanthropy. We invite you to join the Snowline Fellowship, an international network of philanthropists, offering an opportunity to create a meaningful legacy by making a powerful difference to the lives of others.

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Snowline Testimonials 

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